Favorite "Chai-Inspired" Recipes


The Chai Box Chai
The Chaibox chai recipe. Featuring our True Blend loose leaf tea and four main spices: cinnamon, cardamon, fennel an clove for an authentic masala chai.


Carrot Cake
Carrot cake recipe made with our loose leaf tea blend All Chai'd UP.  Masala chai made with black tea, cinnamon, cardamon and fennel. Anti-inflammatory tea.


Chai Spiced Donuts


Chai Ice Cream
Chai Ice Cream recipe made with The Chaibox Sweet Monsoon Loose Leaf Tea Blend.  Chai made with black tea, mangoes and coconut. Anti-Inflammatory tea.


Lavender Chai Macaron
Masala Chai Ice Cream Macaroon Sandwiches Recipe with Himalayan Valley loose leaf tea blend. Made with black tea, lavender and other spices.


Vegan Chai
Vegan Chai Recipe. Made with The Chai Box True Blend loose leaf black tea.


Chai Concentrate
Rose Iced Chai Latte Recipe using The Chai Box Chai Concentrate for a twist on the traditional masala chai latte.


Chai Donuts
Chai Baked Donuts Recipe made with The Chai Box Sweet Monson loose leaf tea.  Made with black tea. Anti-inflammatory tea.



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