The Chaibox is a south asian woman-owned authentic chai brand founded by Monica Sunny.  At The Chaibox Chai is tradition, culture, and heritage.

I have a passion for Chai. Growing up in an Indian household, I started drinking Chai at the age of two and blending teas at the age of 12.  For me, Chai is more than just a drink, it is a part of my culture and heritage.

Ever since I was a little girl, Chai was an integral part of my family's daily ritual.  Each morning, we fill our home with its warm and spicy aroma, connecting us to our roots, giving us a sense of calmness, and at the same time, energizing us to take on the day.  Whether it is the first warm cup of Chai we dream about having in the morning or sharing it with family and friends while catching up on life, it is our moment and we indulge in it fully.

The journey of creating The Chai Box started when I had my three boys.  I wanted to instill the love of Chai and a tradition of having family chai time.  We started sharing this ritual with family and friends which ultimately led to the creation of The Chai Box. 

I have taken my passion for Chai with my mother’s recipes, along with generations before, and created blends inspired by different regions in India.  I hope you enjoy them as much as my family does.

Monica Sunny


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