"The best chai you can buy"

-Bon Appétit

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"A chai for every mood"

- Oprah's Favorite Things 2021

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"Everyone who has tried it loves it"

- Women's Health

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What makes our Chai the best?


Blends made from black teas including Darjeeling

Premium Single-Origin Spices

Small Batch

Sustainably + Ethically Sourced

For us Chai is more than just a drink, it is a part of our culture and heritage. Experience the best with The Chai Box.

Why drink our chai?

Chai is not only good to drink, it is good for you. Each of our blends have distinct health benefits to match your wellness needs. Whether you are looking to improve your digestion or boost your immunity, we have the chai for you. From traditional and spicy to floral and calming, or relaxing and decaf, we have it all. Let us help you Discover Your True Blend.

This Spring season, take time for yourself and enjoy a cup of Chai with friends and family from the comfort of your home.

Monica Sunny - CEO & Founder

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Customer Testimonials

"I found this tea from Oprah's Favorite Things. It was the best tea I have ever had, worldwide!" - Katy

"After tasting The Chai Box Concentrate it blew me away... The Best Chai out there!" -Mel

"This is hands down the BEST chai I have ever tasted in my life!!" - Brianna

Learn to make the Perfect cup of traditional chai

Learn how to make a traditional cup of stovetop chai with us and follow us on Instagram every morning for daily Chai Meditations.

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