Shop the Traditional Chai Care Package. Includes 2 loose leaf tea blends, biscuits and steeper.
The Traditional Chai Care Package includes our two masala chai blends: All Chai'd Up and True Blend.
The Chai Box Gift Set box. The perfect gift for tea lovers.
Stainless steel tea steeper. Perfect for brewing tea using the steeping method. Long lasting material
Stainless Steel Steeper great for brewing your favorite The Chai Box Chai Loose Leaf Blends.
$45.00 USD

Traditional Chai Care Package

Care Package includes: 
True Blend 2.5 oz
All Chai'd Up Blend 2.5 oz
Parle-G Tea Biscuits
NICE Coconut Biscuits
Stainless Steel Steeper
    Blend Descriptions
    True Blend: Inspired by our personal tea journey, while honoring the classic flavor notes of traditional Indian Chai, we have created a True Blend of Darjeeling, Assam, and Orange Pekoe teas. The flavor of True Blend is robust, bold, and is a welcoming addition to your tea collection.
    Benefits: Anti-oxidant, Relieves Stress + Improves Cardiovascular Health
    All Chai'd Up : An ode to traditional masala (spice) chai, All Chai’d Up is infused with both Eastern and Western flavors with warm earthy balanced aromas of ginger, clove, cinnamon, sweet notes of cardamom, and fennel.
    Benefits: Anti-Inflammatory, Improves Digestion + Blood Circulation



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    Customer Reviews

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    Beautifully wrapped and delicious!

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