Stainless Steel Steeper great for brewing your favorite The Chai Box Chai Loose Leaf Blends.
Stainless steel tea steeper. Perfect for brewing tea using the steeping method. Long lasting material
$10.00 USD

Stainless Steel Steeper

Stainless Steel Steeper perfect for steeping loose leaf teas with spices and fruits.

$10 / Stainless Steel Steeper



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Can't wait to use my new steeper with my chai.

Racquel M Stroud
I love this

All of my family wants this. I am waiting for them to be available so I can order more. This is a must have!

Steeps, needs strained/filtered

Definitely cute, but the finer tea/spice pieces do still escape, needing strained or just watch out for when drinking.
It says stainless steel but it does make me wonder about the springs inside, and with the tube there's just really no way to clean the inside of it that gets exposed to the tea and water and stuff because the there is visible space.
I do find the dry chai mix soaks up a lot of water and you get this almost floral looking mass to empty later which kind of makes me think how much room the spices have to move around in there and steep. The size is also just so that i almost need a tall or narrower cup to steep for 1-2 cups to submerge the ball.

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