Shop The Chai Box Chai + Biscuits Gift Set. Includes 2 flavors of loose leaf tea blends, chai concentrate and biscuits.
Gift Set includes All Chai'd Up and True Blend Loose Leaf Tea. Made with black tea and masala spices.
Box of Chai + Biscuits Gift Set. The perfect gift for the tea lover in your live. Enjoy authentic chai.
$45.00 USD

Chai + Biscuits Gift Set

Celebrate life with the gift of Chai + Biscuits!  The chocolate Bourbon biscuits with our classic Chai blends and Chai Concentrate is sure to make anyone smile! 

Chai + Biscuits Gift Set includes:

1 Chai Concentrate Bottle [16 oz]

1 True Blend [2.5 oz]

1 All Chai'd Up Blend [2.5 oz]

1 Chocolate Bourbon Biscuits Pack


Customer Reviews

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Mary Todd
Great mother's day gift

This was a great way to introduce my MIL to The Chai box. I'm a huge fan and it was a perfect way to spread the love:)


Love it!!! My go to chai when I can’t make it from scratch myself.

Best ever

I thought when Starbucks had the Oprah chai years ago I thought it was the best I’ve tasted haven’t had a good chai since yet after Tasting The Chai concentrate I was blown away definitely the best chai out there I plan on tasting the loose leaf soon just can’t get enough of the concentrate. Love Love Love this product.

Excellent brew!

Excellent chai brew. I hesitated for a few months before using and kept it in the fridge but tried it yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Nice variety

I really enjoyed the variety, and the biscuits are surprisingly not very sweet!with subtle spiced scent? too bad the set only comes with 1!

The concentrate is best 7days after opening but with the recommended 1:1 ratio w/milk it was easy to finish. The Chaibox also informed me it's safe at room temp 6mo after production, but kept at its best refrigerated as they add no preservatives. Yummy as a cold latte, a little on the sweeter side for me(but not as intensely sweet like store bought can be) and i found it a little difficult to make Hot latte's with unless I poured some out ahead of time to bring to room temp before adding the hot milk;but i'd think it can be simmered all together too.

The loose leaf chai took a little experimenting, i liked it over stovetop myself. i could adjust the sweetness of making a chai latte at home. It was actually really nice straight as well! I haven't quite figured out how to combine it with coffee to make a "dirty chai" as it ends up tasting more herbal?-like, but could be my bean type or just a healthy loose leaf blend :) The Trueblend steeped is such a pretty color, and it was nice straight, or with a little milk. I could see it being a nice base for black milk bubble tea at home too.

I am really glad I shopped with The Chaibox after searching online and through reviews for chai tea. They're a business that really cares about their customers. It feels like, they really love what they do! and they're sharing what they love with others.

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