Recipe: Taylor's Chai Sugar Cookies

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We are in our Lover's Era and couldn't help but share Taylor's Chai Sugar Cookie recipe! What's better than Chai & Cookies...Chai Cookies!

Taylor's cookies were first seen on her Tumblr account in her own handwriting (see below). She added a "Chai" twist to a recipe by Joy the Baker from 2009.

But before we get into the recipe, we would like to set the record straight. Taylor's recipe calls for one Chai "Tea" bag. Chai means TEA in Hindi. But since it's Taylor, we will let it slide just this once.

For Taylor's original recipe in her own handwriting, see below and for Joy the Baker's recipe using spices instead of a tea bag, click here.

Replace 1 Chai "tea" bag with 2 teaspoons of All Chai'd Up. For a finer consistency, feel free to use your mortar and pestle. Or use a combination of fresh spices like our cardamom.

Taylor Swift's Chai Sugar Cookie recipes in her own handwriting.

Credit: Taylor's Tumblr Account


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