All Chai'd Up Rooibos Caffeine free loose leaf tea blend gift set. Includes a bag of decaf loose leaf tea blend All Chai'd Up Rooibos flavor and tea steeper.
All Chai'd Up Loose Leaf Tea Scooped in spoon. Made with rooibos leaves, ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, fennel seeds and cloves.
Stainless steel tea steeper. Perfect for brewing tea using the steeping method. Long lasting material
Stainless Steel Steeper great for brewing your favorite The Chai Box Chai Loose Leaf Blends.
$27.00 USD

All Chai'd Up Rooibos [Caffeine Free] Gift Set

Gift Set includes: All Chai'd Up Rooibos [Caffeine Free] Blend & Stainless Steel Steeper

Blend Description: An ode to traditional masala (spice) chai, All Chai’d Up is infused with both Eastern and Western flavors with warm earthy balanced aromas of ginger, clove, cinnamon, sweet notes of cardamom, and fennel. Made with Rooibos so it's caffeine free but with the same, All Chai'd Up taste.

Blend Amount: 2.5 oz pouch.


Customer Reviews

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Janet Barnes
Great gift

Mother's Day gift for my daughter. No feedback yet but I'm sure she'll love it.

Cecilia Rowe
Yay for caffeine free!

So happy to have come across this caffeine free blend - it's delicious and I can drink as much of it as I want! :)

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