Scoop of True Blend loose leaf tea blend. Made with a mixture of Darjeeling, Assam, and Orange Pekoe teas.
Bag of True Blend Loose Leaf Tea Blend. Tea with antioxidants, improves cardiovascular health.   Bold and robust tea.
Back of True Blend loose leaf tea blend bag. Great for brewing with stovetop method or steeping method. Shop Online.
True Blend with assam tea masala chai available in a reusable glass jar. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.
Bag of True Blend Loose Leaf Tea. Relieves stress and provides energy.
True Blend chai is available in a variety of sizes.Made with high-quality ingredients. Tea with Health benefits.
True Blend tea packaged on a glass jar. Inspired by the authentic chai. Shop Online.
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True Blend

True blend honors the classic flavor notes of traditional Indian Chai. 

Potential Benefits*: Antioxidants, relieves stress, alertness and energy and improves cardiovascular health

Ingredients:Mixture of Darjeeling, Assam, and Orange Pekoe teas. 

Inspiration: Traditional Indian Chai known for its robust and bold flavors. This is the first blend developed by the Founder of The Chai Box, Monica Sunny at the age of 12.

Learn how to make the perfect cup of chai here!

*While we do not make any health claims on any of our spices or teas, there has been some evidence that the tea and spices in this blend can provide some potential health benefits.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The perfect tea for chai.


I love The Chai Box and all of their teas. I keep them in stock and have some on auto ship so I never run out. They have the best teas and I’ve tried many. So glad I found them.


They make the absolute best chai!


This is my absolute go to when making chai - This company is amazing and they make THE BEST chai and spices. I’m a repeat customer and have been for a few years now. Love it!! ♥️


This is Yummy on it's own or..I use it as a base if I want to make my other blends a bit "stronger". It just enriches the taste for me!

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