The Chai Box Chai Sampler Gift Set includes six loose leaf tea blends. A gift for tea lovers. Discover and enjoy our authentic chai blends.
Chai Sampler Gift Set box open.  Set includes All Chai'd Up, Sweet Monsoon, Hill Station, Punjaban Party, True blend and All Chai'd Up Rooibos loose leaf tea flavors.
Hand holding Sweet Monsoon loose leaf tea blend jar. Loose Leaf Tea blends on gift set ingredients include:  coconut, mangoes, rooibos leafs, black tea and rose petals
Chai Sampler Gift Sets helps you explore India through it's flavors. Discover the Himalayas, Punjab and Kerala all through our masala chai blends.
Shop our Chai Sampler for the tea lover and explorer in your life.  Great for any occasion. Made with high-quality spices.
$80.00 USD

Founder's Chai Collection - Chai Sampler Set

We have curated a sampler box with six of our favorite blends for you to try yourself or give the gift of Chai! The Chai Sampler Gift Set includes:

All Chai'd Up 2.0 OZ- Inspiration: An ode to traditional masala spiced Chai. Spices include Ginger, Fennel, Cinnamon, Cardamom + Clove

Hill Station 1.6 OZ- Inspiration: Shimla, India in the foothills of the Himalayas. Notes of Cardamom + Rose

Sweet Monsoon 1.8 OZ- Inspiration: Tropical landscape of Kerala, India and the Monsoon Season.  Bursting with Mangoes, Coconut, Cinnamon + Clove

Punjaban Party 2.3 OZ- Inspiration: Vibrant colors, music and flavors of Punjab, India. Spices include Candied Ginger, Fennel + Cardamom

True Blend 1.7 OZ- Inspiration: Monica's [founder] tea journey.  Blend she created at the age of 12.  Teas include Darjeeling, Assam + Orange Pekoe

All Chai'd UP Rooibos Caffeine Free 1.9 OZ-  Inspiration: An Ode to traditional masala spiced Chai with Rooibos leaves.  Spices include Cardamom, Ginger, Fennel, Cinnamon + Clove


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Best gift to myself and others. Quality great tasting Chai tea. Packed with great care and fast ship. Will subscribe to brand. Brava!

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