The Chai Box Coconut Mela Gift Set. Includes a bag of Coconut Mela loose leaf tea blend and a tea steeper.
Coconut Mela Loose Leaf Tea Blend Scoop. Made with black tea, roasted coconut, cardamom, fennel, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and vanilla
Two Stainless Steel Tea Steepers.  Great for brewing chai. Tea accessories.
Stainless steel tea steeper. Perfect for brewing tea using the steeping method. Long lasting material
Stainless Steel Steeper great for brewing your favorite The Chai Box Chai Loose Leaf Blends.
$27.00 USD

Coconut Mela Gift Set

Gift Set includes: Coconut Mela Blend  & Stainless Steel Steeper

Blend Description: Mela means a celebration or a festival in Hindi.  The taste of both raw and roasted coconut compliment all the bold and sweet spices notes in cardamom, fennel, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and vanilla for a perfect coconut celebration.

Blend Amount: 2.5 oz pouch.

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