Chai Tonic Loose Leaf Tea Blend Scoop. Made with black tea, tulsi, elderberries, cardamom, ginger, star anise, brahmi and ajwain.
Bag of Chai Tonic. Tea for cold and flu. Tea with antioxidants, anti-bacterial properties and can reduce stress.
Back of Chai Tonic loose leaf tea blend bag. Great for brewing with stovetop method or steeping method.  Shop Online.
Chai Tonic masala chai available in a reusable glass jar. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.
The Chai Box Chai Tonic Loose Leaf Tea Blend bag with spoon. Chai Tonic is a blend that has ingredients used in Ayurvedic tonics because of it's medicinal properties.
Chai Tonic is available in a variety of sizes.Made with high-quality ingredients. Medicinal properties. A tea for cold and flu.
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Chai Tonic [Cold + Flu]

Nothing beats my Nani’s (Grandma) cure for cold and flu rooted in Ayurvedic practices - the Chai Tonic. This powerhouse blend of spices and herbs is heavy duty yet delicious. 

Potential Benefits*: Antioxidants, cold & flu, anti-bacterial, stress-reducer, improves cholesterol and eases joint pain

Ingredients: Loose-leaf black tea, tulsi, elderberries, brahmi, ginger, cardamom, ajwain, star anise, clove and fennel. 

Inspiration: My Nani’s (Grandma) secret weapon to tackle cold and flu. 

Learn how to make the perfect cup of chai here! 

*While we do not make any health claims on any of our spices or teas, there has been some evidence that the tea and spices in this blend can provide some potential health benefits.


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