Our Story

Our journey of discovering the amazing flavors of different tea leaves and spices grown in India has led us to the creation of The Chai Box. We have taken our personal Chai experiences with our mother’s recipes, along with generations before them, and created east and west infusion blends. 

Our blends' journey starts from plantations of Kerala and travels into our kitchen for blending perfection. With these amazing spices and tea leaves, we hand craft our blends for your enjoyment. We work directly with the farmers in India to ensure they get the upmost respect as artisans of Chai.

Our Chai is all natural with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Our packaging is even in rice paper bags and glass bottles to produce sustainable products for our customers.

Thank you for letting us share our Chai experience with you. We hope you try all of our products as they take you on your own journey of creating a Chai tradition with your loved ones.  Don’t be afraid to try different spices and indulge in these robust and fragrant flavors.  Get Your Chai On and get All Chai’d Up!

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