Atlanta Magazine: "How to Make a Proper Cup of Chai"

TheChaiBox was featured in the January 2020 issue of Atlanta Magazine. Written by Leah Picard, the article touches on how to create a proper cup of chai. 
The article includes, "The Chai Box, the tea company [Monica] Sunny launched, offers a chai spice lot containing a melange of cardamon, cinnamon, fennel, clove, and loose tease leaves. In India, there are seemly endless variations of chai; depending on where you are or who's making it, you might find saffron, rose petals, ginger, or nutmeg in your cup. Whole, fresh spices which can also be sourced at Indian markets, are key" - Leah Picard, Atlanta Magazine
She was spot on! What makes TheChaiBox so unique is our locally sourced chai and spices that are imported directly from Indian plantations. We even curate the names of our blends to represent the area of India in which they embody.
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