Carbon-Neutral Shipping

The Chai Box has partnered with our shipping partner to make all online orders shipped through 1/13/23 carbon-neutral! So how does it work? Our partner will calculate the carbon costs and donate to a cause to offset them! Specifically, our shipping partner has chosen the Dempsey Ridge project which is a zero emissions, grid-connected, electricity generation sourced from wind energy with each turbine having a capacity of 2 MW.

As stated by our shipping partner: "With the consistent supply of clean energy from this project, the project furthers the renewable energy market in the region as well as in the USA; 46,000 homes in Oklahoma and surrounding states are now powered with renewable energy from the project.

Beyond the environmental benefits of displacing fossil fuel emissions from the atmosphere, the project has boosted economies by providing temporary and permanent jobs to local workers during project construction and operations."

Happy Holidays Chai Family!

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