Salt & Sugar Combo with Beautiful Briny Sea
Marigold Salt collaboration with The Chai Box
Salt & Sugar Combo with Beautiful Briny Sea
$35.00 USD

$40.00 USD

Salt & Sugar Combo with Beautiful Briny Sea

A tasty collaboration! This VERY limited edition pairing with our friends at Beautiful Briny Sea is the perfect gift for the foodie and tea lover in your life.

Marigold Salt: 

Full of flavor and color! This limited edition blend is made with Spanish sea salt, certified organic garlic, rosemary, citrus peel, roses, lavender, cornflower, hibiscus, chili flakes and marigolds grown by farmer Celia at Woodland Gardens in Winterville, GA.

Delicious with root vegetables, roast chicken, grilled fish, sweet potatoes, braised greens, soups, stews, vinaigrettes and so much more. 

Net Wt 9oz (255.15g)

Chocolate Chai Sugar:

This VERY limited edition is a blend of organic cane sugar, cacao, and All Chai'd Up (black tea, ginger, clove, cardamom, fennel and a touch of sea salt).  Perfect for all your sweet and savory dishes:  roasted acorn squash, griddled carrots, glazed pork loin, citrus vinaigrettes, pancake batter, sugar cookies, hot cocoa and more.

14oz (396.89g)
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