Himalayan Valley  Loose Leaf Tea Blend Scoop. Made with cardamom and lavender rose petals and black tea.
Bag of Himalayan Valley Loose Leaf Tea blend with lavender and rose petals. A fragrant loose leaf chai
Back of Himalayan Valley with lavender and rose loose leaf tea blend bag. Great for brewing with stovetop method or steeping method. Shop Online.
Himalayan Valley with lavender and rose masala chai available in a reusable glass jar. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.
Bag of fragrant chai blend perfect for an authentic chai blend.
Himalayan Valley is available in a variety of sizes.Made with high-quality ingredients. Tea with Health benefits.
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Himalayan Valley [Lavender + Rose]

You’ll immediately transport yourself to the Greater Himalayas and Shivalik Hills in Himachal when you drink this blend. Indulge in the perfect combination of fragrant lavender with a hint of rose + cardamom in your cup.

Potential Benefits*: Antioxidants, improves sleep, pain-reliever, relieves anxiety and helps reduce blood pressure

Ingredients: Loose-leaf black tea, lavender, cardamom and rose petals 

Inspiration: The stunning valleys situated between the Greater Himalayas and Shivalik Hills in Himachal. 

Learn how to make the perfect cup of chai here! 

*While we do not make any health claims on any of our spices or teas, there has been some evidence that the tea and spices in this blend can provide some potential health benefits.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

It looks like potpourri it is very colorful and smells really good. Great quality not like any other I’ve seen or tasted.

My new favorite!

I bought a jar of this tea randomly on vacation mostly because it looked pretty, and I'm so glad I did! The floral chai smell and taste are incredible. I mix it with a bit of honey and frothed oat milk and it's a delicious combo. Definitely recommend!!

Jennifer Halaszynski
Perfect zen cuppa

I love Himalayan Valley. This tea is Flavorful and fragrant. Loved the lavender aroma as I sipped my tea. It’s like HILL STATION with lavender.

Excellent floral aroma but with that distinctive chai taste

I am absolutely in love with the floral aromas in this tea. It has all the hallmarks of a good chai, but with the added scent of lavender and rose. I love drinking this tea with oatmilk and I love brewing a pot when I want to feel fancy.

Lavender and Rose = Perfection

OMG. This blend is so delicious that I had to buy the 1lb. bag. The rose and lavender together is such a comforting combo, not to mention just inhaling the scent. I love the whole experience of making my chai and then sitting down to enjoy it. Yummy is all I can say.

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