The Chai Box Chai Tonic Gif set include a bag of chai tonic loose leaf tea blend and a tea steeper. Buy Online.
Chai Tonic Loose Leaf Tea Blend Scoop. Made with black tea, tulsi, elderberries, cardamom, ginger, star anise, brahmi and ajwain.
Bag of Chai Tonic. Tea for cold and flu. Tea with antioxidants, anti-bacterial properties and  can reduce stress.
Stainless Steel Steeper great for brewing your favorite The Chai Box Chai Loose Leaf Blends.
$27.00 USD

Chai Tonic Gift Set

Gift Set includes: Chai Tonic Blend & Stainless Steel Steeper

Blend Description: This Powerhouse of a blend has everything my Nani [Grandma] had in her cupboard for tackling Cold + Flu.  Herbs such as Tulsi, Brahmi and Star Anise have been used in Ayurvedic tonics for centuries. 

Blend Amount: 2.5 oz pouch.

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